ASC Framing Decision List - READ ME

Within this directory you will find many files and folders for the ASC FDL.
Here is a breakdown of their purpose:

ASCFDL One Sheet This is the first document you should read This is a very brief introduction to what the FDL is and the problem it has set out to solve

ASC FDL User Guide This is a document intended for end users to better understand how the FDL could be used within their workflows. This will also be a great reference for implementers to better understand the intention behind FDL usability

ASCFDL DataPoints This is a spreadsheet which breaks down each attribute within an FDL These are also documented in the specification, but made available within this sheet in case it’s helpful for implementers

ASCFDL Specification This is the technical specification for implementers

ASCFDL ERD ERD file created to help implementers have quick access to attribute information

ASC FDL Schema ASC FDL Schema for implementers

Google Drive Directory https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1L1opQmDl6qhAik2wx2NEVz7-xbSFQ-ns?usp=sharing